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The main objective of the society is sharing love and compassion of God as demonstrated in the death, Burial and Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ as a NON- PROFITABLE SOCIAL ORGANISATION. To Open youth engage in church plantation education programmes ect.

The Main Objective ot the society is welfare of humanity in the fields of education, culture, health, and charitable aspects.Since its inception, the society has been doing its best by undertaking various welfare activities

  • To work for the enlistment of social status of Women in the Mahila Mandal.
  • To provide Technical Education in trade like tailoring, Balwade, ect., and Basic education to the weaker section.
  • Non formal education center conducted by voluntary school in UN development backward Villages to aware the poor and labour children
  • To provide old age homes to the weaker sections and downtrodden.
  • Poor farmer children and child labours workers Staying free accommodation for child labour Camp to maintained by one camp in every Mandal.
  • Labour workers and poor women's development for Mahila tailoring and training center arranged by backward village.
  • HEALTH SERVICE CENTER ( R.C.H) Organized by rural areas t utilized free medical service DWACRA women self help groups member.
  • To provide and promote basic needs facilities like roads, Housing, Education and Health.
  • To initiate special effort for the betterment and development of weaker section.
  • To make continuous efforts for the comprehensive village development leading to village Republic
  • To organize self help groups for the women farmers and disabled the provide
  • The run day care centers for children, crèches for children, Balwadies Nursery schools for weaker sections and downtrodden agriculture labour women
  • To promote all grounds development activities specially rural poor.
  • To appoint female health workers in the rural Areas to take up mother and child care.
  • Creating awareness among the people about the Diseases like AIDS. T.B. Cholera Hepatitis etc.
  • To run model schools, residential school for blind and physically handicapped.
  • To will side health services to the rural people like Medical care mothers and child health, family Planning services. Environment sanitation. Health educations and other rehabilitation health Services.
  • To establish orphanage by giving shelter food, Clothing and educations and provide employment Opportunities to Orphans
  • To educate and train poorer farmers in cultivation and cropping pattern and provide them financial Assistance.
  • For reclamation leveling. Digging of well and other agricultural facilities like motor pump sets and others.
  • To work for the economic social, educational and Cultural development of the people particularly of the people of agricultural Workers, small farmers and artisans in rural areas.
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